Types of Abuses and Its Effects

General Awareness

In our lifetime each one of us is sometime or the other abused by someone or the other. Abuse is an effort made to control the behaviour of another person, by misusing the power that they have.A person can be abused at any age irrespective of their gender. Women are most vulnerable to such abuses, either at home or on the road by an unknown person.Burn, hit, kick, shoot, and hurt are all forms of abuse.

Abuses are of different types. They are Physical abuse, Sexual abuse, Verbal abuse, Financial abuse, Isolation abuse and Emotional or Psychological abuse.

Physical abuse:

An act of causing injury to the other person is called physical abuse. Hitting, Slapping, Pushing, Kicking, Burning are considered to be types of physical abuse. Children are more vulnerable to physical abuse. Child abuse is when the parent/others do something or have failed to do something that has resulted in harm to the child. Not only children are abused, women are equally vulnerable to such situations. Injuring (hitting, slapping, kicking, burning, pushing) a person with or without any intention is considered asa physical abuse. In our everyday life, we come across many such cases where women intend to set herself on fire or is been set on fire by her in-laws/husband. Mostly, people with lower economic backgrounds facethese traumatic conditions.

Sexual abuse:

Men or women both can face sexual abuse in the course of their life. An individual is sexually abused when they are a subject to any kind of sexual contact or behaviour without their consent.It’s not just adults; children whose age is less than 5 years also face this problem. If a parent or other relative (adult) hurt a child, itis considered an abuse. It is really hard to think that a person can intentionally hurt a child who is innocent.


Lack of supervision might destroy the behavioural pattern of the child. Teach the child about what is good/bad.

Look for behavioural changes in kids like hyperactivity, anger, and aggression ruina child’s life and affects their performance in school& other places.

Unusual fear or low self-confidence needs to be taken into consideration. Lack of supervision at this point may possibly lead to a stage where the person could harm themselves by attempting suicide, which again can be of different forms- hanging/burning etc.

Verbal abuse:

Hurting a person emotionally or by word of mouth is considered as verbal abuse. Once you are verbally abused you get emotionally week and start feeling bad about everything around you. Verbal abuse can be in any form, it need not be in the form of screaming a quiet comment about the person just to make them feel inferior. It’s that intense that the next time you visit the person you will not intend to talk to that person.

Unlike other forms of abuse, verbal abuse is not always taken seriously as there is no evidence/proof. The person who holds a “superior” personality intentionally hurts someone. A person who is continuously being abused from their childhood may face psychological disorders that may continue during their course of life. Criticising a person constantly can affect their inner feelings and can cause psychological problems whichcan result in lower self-confidence.

Words which can affect the morale of a person:

  • Incapable
  • Useless
  • Incompetent
  • Irresponsible
  • Dumb

Financial abuse:

A person having no access to the money which he/she possess is facing financial abuse. This can happen to anyone of any age group. People fraudulently take the possession of their belongings. A person from the family (i.e., Father, Son, Daughter, Relatives) or anyone for that matter can take possession by fraudulently getting “power of their belongings”. People won’t realize that they are being abused by the third party until someone brings it to their notice. No matter how big or small the financial abuse is we need not put up with it. We could take legal action against them by approaching the court.

Isolation abuse:

Isolation abuse cannot be separated from physical abuse, verbal abuse, or sexual abuse. A person who is isolated from their family can face this at any point of time. Men taking control of the women in the family is the first step towards isolation abuse. He isolates her from her family, from the neighbourhood, and takes full control of her.

Emotional &/Psychological abuse:

Emotional abuse is another form of abuse which has no evidence. Since there is no scar or no evidence it is really very hard to prove it. Emotionally threatening a person will destroy the person’s identity and self-respect. Emotional abuse is basically a form of abuse which happens just to show dominance over the other. This is the only form of abuse which can affect men, women & children. Emotionally threatening a person may even affect the person psychologically. This, in turn,will lead to depression. A few instances are children being teased by their classmates, parents using inappropriate words to scold their children. These are forms to emotionally disturb the child at ayoung age. Sometimes woman who wants to get attention of the family or someone who is depressed threatens people that she will set herself on fire. Sometimes it will be the opposite, when the family members would set them on fire due to many reasons, most important being dowry.


  • Not providing a person with the basic needs
  • Forcing a person to do something which is against their will
  • Lack of self-confidence
  • Incapable of choosing what they need
  • Fear of everything around them
  • Isolation/depression
  • Using abusive words
  • Continuously mocking them in front of others
  • Children showing fear towards parents, teachers or neighbours (anyone can be the abuser)
  • Degrading etc.,

All forms of abuses (Physical abuse (kick, hit, burn, shoot, and hurt), Sexual abuse, Verbal abuse, Financial abuse, Isolation abuse and Emotional or Psychological abuse) are interrelated in one or the other way. We cannot stop people from abusing one another. The best way to ignore such abuses is to educate an individual on the ways to overcome them at an early age. People should be educated on how to escape from the situation which will influence their mind to not hurt them. Maintaining a friendly relationship with children will encourage them to share their activities on a daily basis. The emotional response from adults will not allow the child to disclose anything which happened to him/her. ”React less and act more, to solve the problems”. Not only children’s even adults need the same level of treatment to encourage them to talk about the trauma they have experienced.

There are many organizations (Hospitals, NGO’s etc.,) out there to help us when we need moral support; all that we need to do is to consult them when needed. Taking the right decision at the right time is the finest option.

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