Burn Awareness

Fire Accidents Caused By Smoking

“Smoking Kills” not only the smokers but also the people around. Now, you might assume that this is a blog about the health hazards of passive smoking, especially meant for those who are exposed to the nicotine fumes by just being close to a smoker. But, no. We are here …

Fire Emergency
Fire Safety

Time response “DURING” fire

The triumph of all emergency response depends on the TIME TAKEN. Emergency response is one of the most important components of public safety. There is an overwhelming evidence of the relationship between the time that takes for emergency response to be effected and the outcome of most incidents.In the fire …

Fire Safety

Must Have Fire Safety Equipment for Your Home

A fire can occur due to various reasons and it’s not something that can be left to chance. The first step to protect your home and your loved ones is to have the right fire safety equipment in your home. Some types of fire safety equipment are designed to prevent …