Safety Precautions to Be Taken While Bursting Crackers

Burn Awareness

Bursting crackers is an integral part of our celebrations during the festive season and also on other occasions such as weddings, birthdays, New Year, etc. While there have been concerns about sound and air pollution, we think it would be alright if we follow the prescribed rules and keep things within mandated limits. If we consider an entire year with 365 days, we are likely to burst crackers on just a couple of days. So it’s kind of okay. However, the one thing that we can never ignore while bursting crackers is our personal safety and that of others. Every year, during the festive season, there are numerous cases of fire accidents and burn injuries resulting from the bursting of crackers. There are some fatalities as well. To avoid such unwanted developments, you need to be extra careful while bursting crackers. Here are some safety precautions to be taken while bursting crackers.

Buy branded crackers from licensed shops:

Make sure you buy crackers manufactured by reputed brands. You can get these from licensed fireworks shops in your area. Avoid buying unbranded stuff from unauthorized shops, as you can never be sure about the quality of such products. Substandard crackers can explode without proper warning and they may also contain harmful chemicals.

Store the crackers in a safe manner:

Crackers can ignite with just a single spark. Make sure you store them in a sealed container, preferably made from solid wood or hard plastic. Wood and hard plastic would be able to resist small sparks and electric current, which will ensure adequate protection for your crackers. Storing crackers in standard plastic bags or cardboard boxes is always risky and should be avoided.

Wear thick cotton clothes:

When bursting crackers, you should wear thick cotton clothes that can resist sparks coming from the crackers. Clothes made from synthetic stuff such as polyester or nylon can easily catch fire. You should ask all your family members and friends to wear thick cotton clothes. Denims are a great choice, as they can resist sparks and heat. Clothes made from khadi or khaddar can also be worn to reduce the risk of fire.

Light crackers from a safe distance:

When you use a match or a lighter to ignite the cracker, there’s always the risk that it would burst before you can safely move away. Even a seconds’ delay can hurt your hands, your eyes or your eardrums. To avoid such risks, you need to light the crackers from a safe distance. You can use punk sticks that are easily available, are quite cheap and last for about half an hour.

Protect your eyes and ears:

You should wear adequate protection for your eyes and ears while bursting crackers. You need to have safety goggles for your eyes and ear plugs for your ears. Some people may say that you are going overboard with your safety precautions, but such comments should not prompt you to take unwanted risks. Eyes and ears are the most important parts of our body and we cannot afford to lose them.

Burst crackers in an open area:

You need to avoid bursting crackers in congested and crowded spaces, as it will increase the risk of fire and burn injuries. The best place to burst crackers is in an open ground, which is located at a safe distance from houses and busy roads. In case you are using rockets, make sure it’s pointed towards the sky and not tilted towards someone’s home or a busy road. Safety precautions are not just for your own safety; it’s about the safety of others as well.

Never ignite crackers in your hands:

There have been many cases where people have gotten hurt after they tried to ignite a cracker in their hands, in an attempt to throw it an instant later. Some people use such methods to show their daredevilry. The fuse of some crackers can burn at an exceedingly fast rate, giving little time to the person trying to ignite the cracker in their hand. The end result is that the cracker bursts almost instantly, causing severe damage to their hands. You need to avoid all such risky maneuvers.

Don’t use crackers for pranks:

You may be just trying to have some fun by bursting crackers near to unsuspecting people, but such things can cause accidents. The person may get startled and may fall, as they try to get away. They might also come in close contact with the exploding cracker, which might lead to burn injuries. You should not use crackers for your prank ideas. Be wise and use a safer alternative.

Don’t drink and burst crackers:

Alcohol can significantly reduce your ability to safely burst crackers. You may be unable to light the fuse properly, your response may slow down, or you may be unable to move away swiftly. Worse still, you can actually trip and fall on the firecracker. If you have consumed alcohol, it’s recommended that you stay away from bursting crackers.

Inform others about security precautions:

You may be aware of the security precautions, but what about others who will be joining you during the celebrations? Before the celebrations begin, you can organize a meeting to inform others about the security precautions to be taken while bursting crackers. Pay special attention to children and teenagers, as they are the ones who are most likely to ignore safety measures and increase their risk of getting hurt.

Bursting crackers adds a lot more fun to our celebrations. It’s something that is ingrained within us since our childhood and it’s difficult to imagine not using crackers during the festivities. However, lack of proper precaution can easily result in fire and burn accidents. No one wants such things to happen, but people get carried away due to the festive fervor and end up making mistakes. What they thought would be a grand night quickly transforms into the hospital’s trauma center, where they spend the night getting treated for their burn injuries. To enjoy the celebrations without accidents and regrets, you need to properly follow the safety precautions while bursting crackers.

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