Risk Factors for Burns in Children

Risk Factors for Burns in Children
Burn Awareness

It is a known fact that children are very curious and when they learn to move, they start exploring things to end their curiosity. Playing with new things, touching them and acquiring new skills are the ways they know things around them. But at the same time, some of these things can cause injuries and burns. Children are more prone to burns than elders, however, unintentionally. Skin burns in children are a result of exposure to heat, radiations, chemicals, friction and electricity that have been classified as thermal burns, chemical burns and electrical burns. A reason of the burns to the airways can be steam, poisonous fumes, hot air, or inhalation of smoke.

A study has shown that around 2, 65,000 deaths have been estimated due to burns – Take out this line.The rate of risk factors of burns is comparatively higher in low-income families than high-income families. Nearly 96,000 children were reported to be injured due to a fire-related burn in 2004. Prevention and acute care can improve the history of burns in children. The burns in children are identified by the burnt area, cause of the burn, and the degree of the burn. The common risk factors that are responsible for these burns include:

Burns in children


Children under the age of five, along with the age group of 15-19 years old, are at the higher risk of burns. One-third of burns in children are caused by hot liquids and steam. If we consider infants, they are also at higher risk of scalds from cups of hot drinks. An eleven-year-old study has shown that scalds were responsible for hospitalization in paediatric burn units of around 40% of children in Finland. Coming to the age group of 11 to 16 years, electricity was the reason for burns from fire and flames.Thus, hot liquids and electricity are the top reasons for burns in children.


When it comes to gender, both male and female children are exposed to fire burns. Being involved in the kitchen with their mothers, female children stay surrounded by hot liquids, utensils, fire and other things. On the other hand, male children tend to stay outdoors and are exposed to uncovered electric wires, fire, and fire burns can result in third-degree burns. Therefore, it is important to take precautions for the children.


Apart from age and gender, location also plays a role in causing burns. It can be well understood by an example- the kitchen in a home is equipped with hot utensils, burning stove, hot cooking oil, and other substances. All these things can upset a child and lead to great illness and disabilities if proper care is not taken.

Nature of Burn:

The nature and severity of burn describe a burn injury better than any other factors. The cause of the burn and the time between injury and treatment shape the future journey of a child. Fire-related burns are more harmful than scalds and contact burns. An instant first aid treatment for burns can prevent the fatal nature of a burn.

Environmental Factors: Smoke inhalation come under environmental risk factors for the children. Too much exposure to the sun puts children at the risk of sunburn. Along with this, inhalation of from vehicles, cigarettes, fires, chimneys and more can lead to burns of airways that can be more harmful than we would have thought.

Only care and prevention can help us get rid of these unwanted burns. For those who find it hard to escort a child with burn injury to the hospital as early as possible, or estimate that it will take longer to reach the hospital can make use of home remedies for burns.Parents should ensure that there is proper fire safety for kids in the house so that they can play harmlessly in the homes.

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