Infants And Elderly: The Most Prone To Burns

Accidents are inevitable; although, at times it can be prevented. One of the most preventable accident that causes damage to life and material possessions are caused by fire. Fire causes unexplainable physical injuries and the most affected are the elderly and infants who are dependent on parents/caregivers. Burns to elders and infants can not only […]

Smoke Inhalation – A Serious Threat

Fire accidents have caused many to lose their life, property and livelihood; many organizations have now worked towards implementing safety measures when such accidents occur. However, the fact that smoke can also be life-threatening is ignored often even though smoke inhalation is the primary cause of death in victims of indoor fires. During fire accidents, […]

Diwali Fireworks Safety Tips

One of the most anticipated festivals among children across religions in India is the festival of lights. However, the festival can also cause disastrous results if proper safety measures are not taken precariously. We hope you find this blog helpful as we cover the safety measures required for you to have safe and enjoyable Diwali. Firework […]

Life After Burns

Though injuries affect the victim it is not the only issue they suffer from. The consequences a victim face after the traumatic incident is beyond the pain caused by the injury itself.Through this article, we would like to highlight the physical and emotional changes the victim undergoes, and the help required throughout the healing period […]

A Common Yet Serious Burn Issue: Hot Liquids And Burns

Burns are categorized differently such as acid burns, chemical burns, electrical burns, Gas stove burns etc. But did you know that the most common burns among children and old people are burns caused due to drinking hot liquids/ spilling hot drinks on themselves? While we know that hot liquids can cause a burn, we don’t […]

Burn Schemes By Various State Governments In India As Of 2016

Burn victims suffer from physical, emotional and economic damage that may last a lifetime. Family members not only go through the pain of seeing their loved one suffer but also the mounting hospital and medicine bills worry them. A lot of them lose their lives while fighting fire causing lot of grief to the family […]

Useful Tips For Handling Heat Burns

Heat Burn is a type of injury that affects the skin due to heat, electricity, radiations, chemicals or friction. It is very common and can happen to anyone. Kids playing in the playground, women working in the kitchen, sun burn because of intolerable UV radiations or any place that’s on fire, all these can lead to burns. […]

Types And Causes Of Burn Injuries

A burn injury primarily damages your body’s skin or the underlying tissues caused by heat, chemicals, electricity, sunlight or radiation. The damage occurred to the skin by a burn could be minor or life threatening depending on the intensity of the heat, the area exposed and the amount of damage it has brought to the skin. A burn […]