Fire Emergency and Evacuation Plan Template

Fire Emergency and Evacuation Plan Template
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A fire emergency and evacuation plan is a plan or a written document that everyone in an organization or a home should be made aware of. In the event of a fire, emergency plans should be executed. There should be a proper fire emergency plan to ensure that effective measure would be taken during a fire breakout. This plan is made keeping in mind the amount of time available to escape in relation to the time required to escape.Fire resisting construction makes the routes protected.

Means of escape is an important consideration while making a fire evacuation plan. The size of the workplace, the number of people working, places they might be working or standing, and their ability to escape. The escape routes should be clear so that everyone moves out of the place in the event of a fire. Placing notice boards or directions can help in an easy escape. These arrangements should reach all the areas of the workplace along with the fire wardens to assist everyone when there is fire.

Evacuation plan for disabled ones


Fire or smoke detection, emergency lighting, and emergency exit should be taken into consideration. If in the case of fire, lighting goes out, there should be an arrangement for emergency lighting on the emergency exit routes to ensure a safe and easy exit. If the premise is small, the usual or normal exits would be enough as there would be not many people working and they can escape before any disability takes place. However, having an emergency exit never does harm.


With the increase in the size of the premises, fire emergency and evacuation plans need to be more sophisticated and productive. This means that the people in the building should be able to move out easily as soon as they hear the fire alarm or notice something that can cause a fire. They should be moved to an open space rather than an enclosed yard. Escape routes should be 1 meter wide so that everyone gets enough space to move out to a safe place away from the building. Also, if there are shutters or security grills in the escape route, they should be widely opened as not to obstruct the people going out.

Technology has made safety even easier with devices like push pads and panic bar devices that comply with the fire safety requirements. Also, an employer should make sure that the escape route does not lead to an enclosed area. It should take everyone to a safe open space.

Escape routes


An employer should ensure that there are proper arrangements for fire emergency exits for a disabled person. Mobility-impaired people, blind, partially sighted people, wheelchair users, and the person who finds it difficult to move faster due to age come under this category. An effective fire emergency escape design and strategy for them is also an integral part of the fire emergency and evacuation plan.


An effective risk management can only result in the safe evacuation process. Along with this, fire extinguishing equipment should be in place so that employees can use it in the event of a fire. But employees should be made aware that a proper training is required to use a fire extinguisher because if they use it improperly they might harm themselves. Fire safety doors, staircases, corridors, alarm systems, and emergency lighting should be maintained from time to time so that evacuation process can be carried out effectively.

Moreover, employees should be given some important evacuation tips which include:

  • Leave the place immediately.
  • Do not look for the source of the fire.
  • While leaving, close the doors if everyone is out. This will limit the reach of the smoke.
  • Gather at an open place away from the building.
  • Avoid using elevators in the event of a fire.

When making an evacuation plan, ensure that it makes sense and can be executed easily because a disorganized plan can result in confusion, chaos, and injuries. A person should be hired for periodic servicing and management of the fire evacuation equipment and routes.

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