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How to Handle and Store LPG in Homes?

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a preferred fuel source for cooking in many countries across the globe. LPG is widely used for cooking since it is affordable, safe and convenient to use in households. LPG is usually supplied in steel cylinders and these are quite sturdy. In India, LPG cylinders …

Fire Safety

The Smell of Safety

It’s the smell that gets all of us worried and makes us cautious. It’s acutely distinctive and foul smelling, quite similar to that of rotting cabbage, and it’s hard to miss. It’s the smell of safety and the chemical that produces this smell is Ethanethiol, most commonly referred to as …

Fire Safety

How Consumption of Alcohol Can Lead To Fire Accidents

Consumption of alcohol has become a deeply rooted social norm in many countries across the globe. Alcohol products are widely advertised, easily available and packaged under different labels to suit the needs of varying income groups. However, consumption of alcohol needs to be avoided, since it has been linked to …

blister burns
Fire Safety

Second-degree burns: Blister burns- Causes & Effects

Second-degree burns are also known as partial thickness burns and one of the key characteristics of such burns is that they lead to the formation of blisters. Human skin has three distinct layers, namely, the epidermis, the topmost layer that acts as a waterproof barrier; the dermis, the second layer …

Fire Emergency
Fire Safety

Time response “DURING” fire

The triumph of all emergency response depends on the TIME TAKEN. Emergency response is one of the most important components of public safety. There is an overwhelming evidence of the relationship between the time that takes for emergency response to be effected and the outcome of most incidents.In the fire …

Fire Safety

Must Have Fire Safety Equipment for Your Home

A fire can occur due to various reasons and it’s not something that can be left to chance. The first step to protect your home and your loved ones is to have the right fire safety equipment in your home. Some types of fire safety equipment are designed to prevent …