First Aid before Transport

In this fast paced lifestyle, there are more chances of burn injuries occurring at home and at office, which is mostly influenced by the work environment. For most people burn injuries would mean touching hot surfaces or with an open flame, but there are many other sources of burn injuries that can be quite dangerous. […]

Burn “Rehabilitation and Refit” in to society

Burns cover a large part of the body. Among the severity of the wound, third-degree burns ought to have a disastrous physical and psychological effect on victims. For victims suffering from severe burns, burn rehabilitation would be a lifelong process. It includes physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and psychiatric therapy. Types of Rehabilitation The aim of burn […]

Burn Injuries: Helping a Person Cope with Burn Traumatic Stress

As a part of burn awareness, it’s important to know that burn injuries can be overwhelmingly painful and traumatizing. While the pain may cease after a successful treatment of burn injury, the symptoms of trauma such as fear, anxiety, depression, helplessness, etc. may continue for several months or even years. Burn patients may experience such […]

Second-degree burns: Blister burns- Causes & Effects

Second-degree burns are also known as partial thickness burns and one of the key characteristics of such burns is that they lead to the formation of blisters. Human skin has three distinct layers, namely, the epidermis, the topmost layer that acts as a waterproof barrier; the dermis, the second layer that comprises hair follicles, sweat […]

A Night Out- An Evening to Remember

Rehabilitation programs are needed for burn survivors in order to get hold of the maximum level of recovery. The goal is to prepare them to reintegrate into society. To avoid psychological distress, treatment can consist of both physical and mental rehabilitation. Psychological distress occurs in survival patients with large burn injuries. Every individual may experience […]

Best Handling Tips for Thermal Burn

Thermal burns are primarily caused by an open flame or contact with a hot object. These can also be caused due to steam or other hot/molten liquid, electrical burns, UV radiation, and harsh chemicals (chemical reactions that produce heat on contact with skin). Thermal injury cases have been widely reported in households, among adults and […]

Time response “DURING” fire

The triumph of all emergency response depends on the TIME TAKEN. Emergency response is one of the most important components of public safety. There is an overwhelming evidence of the relationship between the time that takes for emergency response to be effected and the outcome of most incidents.In the fire service, “total” response time is […]


The National Academy of Burns India (NABI) was established in 1992 as an all India organization. NABI organizes NABICONasa leading annual conference exclusively dedicated to the field of burns, and its implications on health. The conference discusses the type of injury caused by fire, heat, electricity, chemicals, light, radiation or friction. Burns most often affect […]